Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pet Parents: Beware of the ‘Sol’ in Your Cleaning Products!

Most of us animal lovers have heard about the harmful side effects that certain chemical products can cause our pets. But what about cleaning agents that kill bacteria and germs that someone with animals is usually quick to use to clean their home and pet areas? Well you may end up killing more than just some yucky germs!
According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, exposure to coal-tar derivatives (one being phenols as found in Lysol, Pinesol and other ‘sol’ cleaners) can cause liver damage, kidney damage, anemia and death, among other things. You may be thinking ‘Well my pet isn’t going to lick or eat the cleaners!’ Guess what – they don’t need to! These dangerous chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. You should especially avoid using these products if you care for felines as they are more susceptible to the negative side effects.
This is what (The Humane Society of the Unites States) has to say:
"Steer Clear of Phenols
Disinfectants containing phenols are extremely toxic to some animals, including cats and reptiles. First isolated from coal tar in the 1800s, phenols are now manufactured synthetically and are included in many products, including some Lysol disinfectants. Colorless to white when pure, phenol has a strong, sweet odor. It is corrosive and requires extra precautions when handling. To ensure the disinfectants you’re considering purchasing don’t contain phenols, check with manufacturers and avoid products that list any of the following ingredients, which are synonyms for “phenol,” according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration: carbolic acid; monohydroxybenzene; hydroxybenzene; benzenol; phenylic acid; phenyl hydroxide; benzophenol; phenyl hydrate; phenylic alcohol; monophenol;phenic acid; and oxybenzene. To learn more about the hazards of phenol, visit the Osha website: "
So the verdict is definitely in! Read ALL labels very carefully when choosing a cleaning product for your home and any area that animals may come in contact with. These days, there are many safe and natural cleaning products that are on the market and widely available. Using non-chemical cleaners will give you peace of mind that the only thing that will be harmed is the dirt and grime you are intentionally trying to remove – not your four legged family member.

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