Monday, June 16, 2014

Do You Have a Disaster Plan for Your Pets?

It's hurricane season in South Florida so there is no better time to review your emergency plans! Here is a great resource from the Humane Society which includes a checklist:

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We did THIS...Because of YOU....

 Thanks to Our Supporters!!!

 “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”- Acts 20:35

 Jonah’s Place 2013 Accomplishments

July –               Incorporated Jonah’s Place
                         Obtained Jonah’s Place Domain

August –          Jonah’s Place Website up and running
TNR’d six cats
Rescued Gidget
Rescued Boots
Jonah’s Place Blog, Facebook page and Twitter started

September –    Mailed application for 501c(3) status
                        Became a Petfinder member
                        TNR’d five cats
PetsMart Training- 3 Part Series on Social Media
Attended Biz to Biz Event in Miami
First fundraising campaign completed – Cookies for the Cause
Rescued Ruby and her two babies

October –        Participated in PBSO Adoption Event
Attended SCORE Dispelling the Myths about Non-Profit Training
Jonah’s Place First Newsletter went out
Rescued, Vetted and found Forever home for  Tonk
                        Rescued, Vetted and found Forever home for Dex
Partnered with United Methodist Church, Rummage Sale & Craft Show
                        Participated in Boo At the Zoo, Palm Beach Zoo
Created Jonah’s Place Inaugural T-shirt
November –    Rescued Hope
                        Held Yard Sale Fundraiser
Attended Basic First Aid for your pet Training through PB Veterinary Specialists
Jonah’s Place Ebay storefront for fundraising is up and running

December -     Rescued Tilty, Betsy, Bandit and Rex
Attended Petfinders and Petco Adoption Option Event in Miami
                        Applied with Petco to be an Adoption Partner
                        PetsMart Training-Effective Fundraising Strategies & Can’t We All Get Along?
The first monthly ‘Partners For Hope’ postcards were mailed out
                         Met with pet therapy expert to discuss the Jonah’s Place Pet Therapy Program
                        Officially launched the Cat Colony Relocation Project

Watch for our 2014 List of Expected Success!

Happy New Year and Thank you! Thank you to all of you that have helped, supported, donated and prayed for Jonah’s Place!!!! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

***A Jonah's Place Happy Tail Update***

We received an update from Tonk's mom, Miss Margaret...

"Tonk is fine and loving as ever. He has made a remarkable adjustment here in my home and with my one year old female cat Abby. It's such a joy to watch the two embracing each other while playing and following each other around the house."

Below is a picture with Miss Margaret, Tonk and Michelle from our home visit a couple of months ago!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Rescue Mission: Operation Christmas

I was listening to the radio today and heard a description of Christmas that was unlike any other I had ever heard before, “Christmas was a rescue mission.” 

Contrary to popular, modern day belief, Christmas was not started by Santa Claus and his elves or by department store giants in order to add to their year-end bottom line. While Christmas as we know it today does have a lot of commercial roots, it is at the end of the day a time to remember the very beginning of an unparalleled act of love and the ultimate sacrifice. It was a rescue mission to save us, from ourselves. 

This verse has become one of the most popular verses from the entire Bible so I am sure most of us have heard it at one point or another (thanks to the Tim Tebows of the world), but have you ever really considered what it says? Take a minute and read it slowly to yourself….

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

God gave a gift to us - on Christmas day this is symbolized all around the country in the form of giving gifts to friends and loved ones. Have you ever considered that we give gifts because He gave first? 

Jesus is the reason for this season. Now, I realize that this is not a politically correct view these days. The way I look at it is that Jesus was either a complete mental case or he was who he said he was – the Son of the Living God. Due to my own personal experiences in life and the fact that Jesus is more popular today than he was two thousand plus years ago (and what mental case do you know of that has had that kind of deep, lasting, life changing impact on society and the world?), I believe the latter…that He was, and still is, who he said he is.

The awesome thing about this is that *YOU* too can receive the gift – the original gift that started it all.  It doesn’t take any magic trick or blessing at an altar. Right where you are, just take a moment to invite God and his son Jesus into your heart. Either say this out loud out or from your heart:

‘God, I believe in you and I believe that your son Jesus died on the cross for me to have salvation and to take away my sins. I want to become a new person with You in my heart and I want to be with you in Heaven when the time comes for me to leave this Earth’

Now that is the Ultimate Christmas Gift!

P.S. Here are some more resources for you…

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Michelle Brockman for
Jonah’s Place

Friday, December 20, 2013

Your Dog Recognizes Your Face...But in Pictures Too?!

If you have ever had a pet dog, you know for sure that they recognize who you are - that you are their person. Research has now taken things one step further and determined that they recognize you not only in real time but also in pictures! Now this is pretty impressive stuff. Here is a report from CBS news on the matter...

"Your dog may be able to recognize your face in a photo. That’s the latest from the University of Helsinki, which published the results of its study in the journal Animal Cognition this December.

According to Science News Daily, the researchers had dogs look at facial images of familiar humans (such as their owner) and other dogs in the family, as well as unfamiliar humans and dogs they’d never encountered. Then the researchers measured the dogs’ eye movements as they viewed the photos.

Scientists say that while the dogs viewed the faces of other dogs for longer than the human faces (backing up findings from previous studies), the canines studied also studied the faces of familiar humans for longer than unfamiliar ones.

Additionally, when the dogs were given upside-down photos of faces to view, they viewed those in much the same way that humans do. While the pups stared at the inverted pictures for just as long, they tended to focus more on the eye area of the upright photos.

“Familiar faces and eyes attracted more fixations than the strange ones, suggesting that dogs are likely to recognize conspecific [relating to the same species] and human faces in photographs,” the study’s authors conclude."

Pretty awesome huh! I know I have a new found appreciation of my dog's intelligence, how about you?

Michelle Brockman for
Jonah's Place

Link to original article:
Photocredit: Denver Post file photo